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Tides modular - bench & bookcase

Tides modular - bench & bookcase

The Tides bookcase and bench combination offers the functionality of a bookcase, a seating bench, and side tables. Beneath the seat, there's space for books, accessories, or storage baskets, while two side tables can be attached to the bench and adjusted into position. Featuring ample storage space underneath the seat, the bench serves as a multifunctional hub for relaxation and organization. With its harmonious blend of contemporary style and practicality, the Tides Modular bench/bookcase is a versatile addition to any modern home or office environment.

About Tides modular

The Tides modular system seamlessly blends form and function into a versatile statement piece. Pair vertical pillars with rounded shelves available in six different lengths to create an endless variety of configurations. The vertical pillars twist together, allowing for adjustable height and providing stability to the unit. You can go low and wide, tall and slim, or create tiered structures in varying sizes. Because the design is modular, you can start small and expand or configure your unit as your needs evolve over time.

Design your own Tides system, opt for guidance on configuration, or select from a range of pre-designed options. Get in touch for assistance with your custom Tides order. 

Dimensions displayed option
240 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 70 cm tall. Seat height 48,9 cm.

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